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Fast Food Bing – your one-stop-spot for everything you need to know about fast food i.e. breakfast hours, lunch hours, menu items, catering prices, happy hours, gift cards, and much more.

We’re Affaq and Washi, a foodie husband and wife duo with a passion for exploring the world of fast food sharing our insights, and creating related content for you. Our love for food and each other inspired us to create this space.

Affaq & Washi – Fast Food Bing

We make sure to keep things accurate and up-to-date by staying glued to official fast food websites, their social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as other reliable delivery sources.

Affaq’s experience at AlBaik – a famous fast food chain, combined with his love for fast food, online surfing, and traveling, means he’s always in the loop with the latest grub gossip.

Meanwhile, Washi, an ambitious food and travel blogger with an eye for aesthetics, ensures that our website not only stays up-to-date but looks appealing, giving you a pleasing experience every time you ping fast food.

Disclaimer: The timing, menu items, prices, and serving size may vary in different locations, so it’s good to check your local restaurant before making a final choice.

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