What Time Does Wawa Stop Serving Lunch?

What Time Does Wawa Stop Serving Lunch?

Wawa serves lunch until 4:00 PM every day at most of its locations. You can choose from a diverse selection of delicious American and Mexican dishes from Wawa’s lunch menu during this time. However, the exact lunch service hours may vary slightly depending on the location. It’s a good idea to check with your local Wawa store for their current lunch hours.

Wawa Lunch Hours

Wawa stops serving lunch at 4:00 PM from Monday to Sunday. Lunch hours begin at 11:00 AM and continue until 4:00 PM across most of their locations in the United States. If you’re wondering about the lunch hours at Wawa, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the details of Wawa’s lunch schedule and menu offerings.

Lunch Hours of Wawa throughout the week

Here is a table illustrating the lunch hours for Wawa throughout the week:

DayLunch Hour StartsLunch Hour Ends
Monday11:00 AM4:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM4:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM4:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM4:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM4:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM4:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM4:00 PM

During these hours, you can enjoy Wawa’s delicious lunch menu featuring a variety of hoagies and sandwiches, quesadillas, burritos, salads, and bowls. Please note that these hours may vary slightly by location.

Wawa Lunch Hours
Wawa Lunch Hours

What Time Does Wawa Start Serving Lunch?

Lunch hour begins at 11:00 AM every day, allowing you to enjoy a midday meal with convenience and quality. Usually, this means Wawa switches from serving breakfast to serving lunch. But sometimes, when lunch starts it changes based on factors like regional preferences or store operating hours. You may also check Wawa Breakfast hours.

Does Wawa Serve Lunch All Day?

No, Wawa doesn’t serve lunch all day. The lunch hours start at 11:00 AM, depending on the location. They might stop serving lunch and switch to their dinner menu around 4:00 PM.

Wawa Lunch Menu Highlights

  • Hoagies and Sandwiches: Enjoy a variety of freshly baked hoagies and sandwiches crafted with quality ingredients.
  • Quesadillas and Burritos: Delight in flavorful Mexican options including chicken & cheese quesadillas and beef burritos.
  • Salads and Bowls: Choose from nutritious salads and hearty bowls seasoned to perfection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Is a Junior Roll at Wawa?

A junior Roll at Wawa measures 4 inches in size. Wawa also offers classic and wheat rolls in 6-inch and 10-inch sizes.

Does Wawa Have Sourdough Bread?

Yes, Wawa offers sourdough bread served with various menu items including spicy Italia, spicy cheesesteak, grilled cheese, and roasted chicken.

Is There Any Daily Special on the Lunch Menu of Wawa?

Yes, Wawa presents daily specials on their lunch menu, featuring limited-time offerings. Check their official website for the latest information on daily specials.

Does Wawa Bake Their Own Rolls?

Yes, all rolls at Wawa are baked fresh in-store daily, ensuring quality and freshness.

Can You Order Wawa Food Online?

Yes, you can order Wawa food online using their official website or mobile app, adding convenience to your food ordering experience.

Final Thought

This blog post talks about Wawa’s lunch hours and menu offerings. Wawa serves lunch until 4:00 PM every day, starting at 11:00 AM. You can enjoy a variety of American and Mexican dishes like hoagies, sandwiches, quesadillas, and salads. The post also provides a table showing lunch hours throughout the week and highlights some menu items.

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